Dean Thomas, who, like Harry, had grown up with Muggles, ended up closing his eyes and jabbing his wand at the list, then picking the subjects it landed on.

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Illustrations by Katsuo

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a t u r e  under constrained and  v e x e d

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Dumbledore (to Snape): I do your murder, you do mine. Criss-cross.

McGonagall: Can I help you?
Binns: I want to report a murder.
McGonagall: Who was murdered?
Binns: I was.

Slughorn (to all): This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Pomfrey (off-screen): Qirinius, are you decent?
Quirrel: Me?

Moody: Come on, read my future for me.
Trelawney: You haven’t got any.
Moody: What do you mean?
Trelawney: Your future is all used up.

Gilderoy (dying): Mother of God, is this the end of Gilderoy?

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Rinko Kikuchi for

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harry potter + the major arcana // insp.

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Juror 8: I just want to talk.
Juror 7: Well, what’s there to talk about? Eleven men in here think he’s guilty. No one had to think about it twice except you.
Juror 10: I want to ask you something: do you believe his [the accused] story?
Juror 8: I don’t know whether I believe it or not - maybe I don’t.
Juror 7: So how come you vote not guilty?
Juror 8: Well, there were eleven votes for guilty. It’s not easy to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first.

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The Hemloft designed and built by Joel Allen | more Hemloft

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